About Us

We will always consider website support the number one product we offer.

Plexamedia started out as Singleton Technology in Gadsden, Alabama in 2006. From our retail location in historic downtown Gadsden, we offered computer repair and IT services, commercial IT support, and custom programming. From our roots as a highly technical company, we began making websites for our commercial clients. By 2011, we changed the name to Plexamedia and dedicated ourselves to strictly building websites.

When we started using WordPress to develop sites in 2009, it was because we found it very easy for clients to edit. By 2011, we declared ourselves WordPress developers which drove our business for a decade. In 2011, we also dedicated ourselves to one low monthly support agreement which proved very popular with our clients.

We will always consider website support the number one product we offer and the biggest competitive difference between Plexamedia and other companies. It drives our high trust relationship with clients. We love taking great care of you!

As the internet has grown, we have grown with it. And today we offer a number of services to build your site then drive traffic to it.

We make websites!

Our Mission

Plexamedia is an SEO company rooted in website development, design, and long-term support. We exist to create high trust relationships with our clients.

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