Adding Popups to Your Site

Is your business hosting a sale? Have an email list? Simply just wanting to get the word out about a moved location? Implementing a popup on your site could be the best way to get this information to your audience.

What is a popup?

A popup is an information box that shows over your website until a user clicks away from it. They can be triggered by time, immediately on arriving at the site, when the user mouses out of the window to exit, and more. Effectively, popups capture your audience to make them stop and read what your business is trying to tell them. Having a popup on your site for these instances can help grow engagement with your viewers. Statistics show that popups can increase audience interaction and can really boost whatever you’re trying to sell, whether that be products, attracting people to sign up for an email list, or anything else. It’s also been proven that popups attract a better click-through rate than any other type of ad.

Won’t it annoy people?

To be honest, it could. Chances are, done properly, it won’t be a distraction. Mainly, this comes down to whether or not the content of the popup is relevant to the visitor. Always ask yourself: is this something the visitor needs to know? Things like sales, new location opening, holiday hours, etc. are important info that are beneficial to the visitor and most likely won’t cause any grief. Something like a newsletter signup could irritate some people, unless they’re given some kind of incentive to sign up, such as a free ebook download.

How do I go about adding one to my site?

If you have a need for a popup on your site, we’d love to help you. If you’re a Plexamedia customer, start by sending us a support ticket with the information you’re wanting to include in the popup (this can be text, images, and more) and where/how you want the popup to show up on your site. This can be immediately, only on the home page, only on a certain page, when the user mouses out, and more! Once we’ve received your ticket, we’ll handle it from there. As always, we’re here to help you no matter what, and Plexamedia customers can reach our support at any time.

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