Ambit Solutions

Client Name Ambit Solutions
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Ambit Solutions

Building lasting business relationships that encompass honesty and trust are key values that Ambit Solutions strive to embody with each client. From its challenging beginnings in 2008, when the United States was in a recession, clients settled for smaller named, low-cost carriers and commercial PBX vendors for their business communication needs which led to dissatisfaction and mistrust. 

Today, Ambit Solutions takes pride in providing a high level of customer service while maintaining long-lasting client relationships and want to be known largely for their superior character, high quality of work, quick solutions, and genuine commitment to their clients.

Bridging Communications

Bridging communications and superior customer service support to all sectors of business sets Ambit Solutions apart from other communication companies. Staying up-to-date with current federal regulations and procedures is a major part of Ambit Solutions success. 

We have utilized Plexamedia for over two years and through two projects. They have been great to partner with. They listened to our needs, crafted a plan, and then helped us execute that plan to completion.

- Craig Reeves, CEO

Website and Video

Plexamedia’s website team worked closely with Ambit Solutions to develop a responsive WordPress website which works with mobile, tablet, and desktop. At the same time, our production team created video and photography to unify the messaging. The result is a modern site that communicates across devices, using a variety of media to reach its audience.

Our Mission

Plexamedia is an SEO company rooted in website development, design, and long-term support. We exist to create high trust relationships with our clients.

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