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Email marketing is a highly effective way of connecting with customers and leads. It has the highest return on investment of any other strategy.

Email marketing is a highly effective way of connecting with customers and leads. It is a digital marketing strategy of sending emails to turn leads into customers and customers into fans. 99% of people check their email on a daily basis which helps you communicate directly more than any other available method.

The best way to build your list starts with your current clients and contacts. We recommend that you place a signup form on your website to automate the process. As you execute other digital marketing solutions, the email list will capture those visitors to your site. This will allow you to cost-effective continue marketing directly to them even after other campaigns are finished.

There are many strategies for developing your email list. One method involves creating an email magnet. This is a free resource given to entice the reader to sign up for an email newsletter. Examples include recipe books, exercise tips, or other free resources considered of value to your audience. The entire signup process can be automated.

The best thing about developing an email list is that you own the list. No matter what changes happen in your advertising, social media rules, or any other outside forces, the list is yours to continue marketing with. It should be a part of everyone’s website strategy.

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