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At Plexamedia, we recommend and use Rackspace email.  Rackspace Email is an affordable, business-class email hosting solution with anytime, anywhere access and a 100% uptime guarantee- all backed by and industry leading SLA. When you signup for email through Plexamedia, you can use the same great support for your email as you are accustomed to with your website.

  • Users can access their email using Outlook, their mobile phones or through the webmail application.
  • Enjoy a 100% uptime guarantee with premium spam and anti-virus protection.
  • Experience the privacy you deserve, and know you’ll never see a pop-up ad.
  • Free migration

Product Features

Business runs on email and email often runs on Outlook. Using secure IMAP, Rackspace Email is fully compatible with Outlook (and any other desktop email client); both on Windows and Macs. It also plugs seamlessly into email applications on tablets and smartphones.

  • Email @ your domain
  • Secure IMAP (for Outlook & Mobile)
  • Premium spam & virus protection
  • Unlimited aliases and group lists
  • Huge 25 GB mailboxes
  • Email forwarding
  • 50 MB attachments

Email On the Go

Business never stops and email has to be accessible from anywhere, at anytime, you can enjoy IMAP access on practically any mobile phone or tablet.

Webmail & Apps

  • Web-based, anywhere access
  • Shared calendaring
  • Company directory (GAL)
  • Advanced message-filtering
  • Instant Messaging (Chat)
  • Out of office auto-responder
  • SMS password reset
  • Tasks and notes


Simple, Safe, Secure and Private



1 Email Address $9.95 per month
2-3 Email Addresses $6.49 each per month
4-9 Email Addresses $5.49 per month
10 + Email Addresses $4.95 per month

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