Getting The Word Out With an Announcement Bar

Is your business hosting a special sale or promotion? Have a live stream at your church coming up? Need to notify your visitors of a weather delay or holiday hours? Having an announcement bar is an easy solution!

What is an announcement bar?

An announcement bar is a bar that runs across the top of your website that is normally one or two sentences that can announce upcoming events, specials, or simply give a notification to the people that view your website.

How can they help?

Announcement bars make it easy for you to get information for your audience to see as soon as they land on your website. The best thing about having an announcement bar is that it is simple for you to update which gives you the opportunity to change out your announcement whenever you need to.  Having an announcement bar helps limit questioning about where you can inform your audience of new specials, hours, or events and gives them a clear indication of what’s happening in your business, church, or non-profit.

How can I add an announcement bar to my site?

If you’d like to add an announcement bar to your site, feel free to send over a support ticket to and we’ll help get that set up for you.

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