How to Upload PDFs to Pages and Posts

Often we get asked how users can upload forms, handouts, guides, and other documents to their website so that their visitors can access or download them. The solution is simple using PDF documents that you upload just like a photo. Let’s look at how to create a PDF document, and how to upload it to your site.

Why use a PDF?

PDF stands for Portable Document File, and it’s useful for, you guessed it, documents that you want to move around. Whether you’re emailing a form to a coworker to have them fill out and return, or you want an easy-to-view version of a digital brochure that a visitor can download, PDFs are great because they can be opened on any computer, often right inside the user’s internet browser.

Where do PDFs come from?

If you’re using Microsoft Word or Google Docs, generating a PDF file is easy! The first step for either is to make sure your document looks exactly the way you want it to. From there it depends on what software you’re using.

Microsoft Word

  1. Click “File” from the main menu.
  2. Inside that menu, select “Export”.
  3. Then choose “Create PDF/XPS Document”
  4. A window of options will come up. The only thing that matters here is to uncheck the box that says “Document Properties”.
  5. From there you will save the document like normal.

Google Docs

  1. Click “File” from the main menu.
  2. Then choose “Download As”, then “PDF Document (.pdf)”.
  3. The new PDF file will then be downloaded to your default Downloads folder.

How do I upload a PDF on my site?

Once you have a PDF file to put on your site, getting it there is easy! If you know how to add a photo, the process is the same. While editing a page or post, click the “Add Media” button. The media browser dialog will appear. Click the “Upload” button, and you’ll then be able to drag and drop your PDF right on to the browser window. Once the file is uploaded, you can change the Title and other attributes, and then click “Insert”. A link will be inserted that, when clicked, will allow a visitor to view the document, and then download it if they want. As you can see, PDFs are a great way to share documents that are read-only, that you don’t want a user to edit. Anything the visitor might download, fill out, and bring in is a perfect candidate to be a linked PDF. If you’re a Plexamedia customer, and you have any questions about creating or adding PDFs to your site, feel free to submit a support ticket and we’ll be glad to help!

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