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Leadership Vestavia Hills class works throughout the class year on projects aimed at improving the city and the lives of its citizens. These projects have been incredibly valuable and have included the development of the Community Roundtable; documentation of the need for Vestavia Hills to have a formal strategic plan; research on how other area cities have managed zoning issues and recruiting/retaining successful businesses; development of initial plans for a community fine arts performance center; and implementation of a community survey regarding shopping preferences in Vestavia Hills – just to name a few. Even the launch of the website was a project developed by one of the classes!

Over the past 25 years, Leadership Vestavia Hills has continued the tradition of identifying and gathering the best and the brightest. Since its creation, the group boasts graduates who serve or have served as state representatives, city government officials and employees, city council members, school superintendents, school board members, a county constable, elementary and middle school principals and vice-principals, area ministers, bankers, judges, attorneys, businessmen and women, and homemakers. This list serves as a testament to the organization’s commitment to recruiting and developing leaders from diverse backgrounds, to intentionally building relationships where none had previously existed, and to informing and empowering these individuals to work together for the common good and future of the City of Vestavia Hills.

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