The Factory Gulf Shores

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The Factory at 100 Thomas Drive was originally designed and built in the 80’s by Jim Browning. In those days it was a real-deal fully operational factory, complete with machines, tools, forklifts… the works. When Jim retired and sold the business his son, Dan Browning, carried in his dad’s footsteps by opening his own factories in the greater Gadsden area. In 2013 the building Jim built 35 years earlier was up for sale and because of the sentimental value, Dan decided to buy back his dad’s factory. Dan’s daughter, Bethanne, took on the challenge of transforming the old rundown factory into something completely different.

Three generations of Browning’s came together to develop a vision for something that would bring families and friends together to make a positive impact on our community. The vision evolved into what today is known as The Factory; a place where old and young alike can experience a thrill of playing. The Browning family takes fun very seriously and believes the world would be a better place if everyone would take a little time to play. That’s why our motto is: Play Now. Grow Up Later.

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