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Shepherd's Cove

Shepherd’s Cove Hospice is a nonprofit agency that walks with families and individuals of all ages as they journey through the end of life and the stages of grief, helping them understand what to expect and bringing peace, comfort, and hope. They are a trusted leader in providing exceptional care tailored to your needs, whether it is at your bedside or in our short-term care facility that offers a peaceful, home-like atmosphere.

Shepherd’s Cove is dedicated to creating an unmatched legacy of service in Northeast Alabama through our hospice care, palliative care, community grief support programs, state of the art team training that ensures an uncompromising high quality of care. Their care involves a team approach that includes expert medical care, pain and symptom management, and spiritual, emotional, and practical support for you and your family.


It is the mission of Shepherd’s Cove Hospice, a nonprofit agency, to provide, with a servant’s heart, exceptional individualized care to those coping with end-of-life issues.

Our Values

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Website, Video, and Photography

Plexamedia’s website team worked closely with Shepherd’s Cove to develop a responsive WordPress website which works with mobile, tablet, and desktop. At the same time, our production team created video and photography to unify the messaging. We also produced video for use in television commercials. The result is a modern site that communicates across devices, using a variety of media to reach its audience.

Our Mission

Plexamedia is an SEO company rooted in website development, design, and long-term support. We exist to create high trust relationships with our clients.

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