Technical SEO

Technical SEO is foundational and provided as a part of our basic hosting for all our sites.

Our technical SEO plan is a part of all new websites and is included with our hosting and support plan. We consider it foundational to your overall SEO plan and have included it as a low-cost service.

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is defined as optimizing the site for the crawling and indexing processes of search engines, especially Google. Our new SEO package is designed to ensure your site is running at optimum as determined by Google. At its core, is the end-user experience and is focused on the site speed.

Feature List

  • WPEngine – very fast hosting and on the Google Cloud
  • SSL – Installing a Security Certificate on the site
  • Cache – Fast static pages that load fast for the user.
  • Images – resizing and compressing images for faster load times
  • CDN – loading images and resources from a Content Delivery Network
  • File Optimizations – Compressing site code (HTML, Javascript, CSS)
  • Site Map – guides search bots crawling and indexing of the site.
  • Google Analytics – for analyzing traffic.
  • Google Search Console – submitting site map for scheduled site crawling
  • Akismet – paid service to help prevent form spam

Our Mission

Plexamedia is an SEO company rooted in website development, design, and long-term support. We exist to create high trust relationships with our clients.

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