What are Subdomains?

Do you have multiple websites but want to make it the same domain? Want to make it easy for marketing? A subdomain may be your answer!

What is a subdomain? Subdomains are ways that you can have multiple sites that are still related to your main website. They can house different sections of your website that are different than the overall scope of your main website and help keep things a bit more organized. An example being, if your website had a store the subdomain could be store.sitename.com, which is a subdomain of sitename.com. Other examples include blog.sitename.com and in the medical field, it is common to have portal.drsoffice.com for patients to access the patient portal.

Why do you use subdomains? Subdomains are a good marketing tool so that the user doesn’t feel like they’ve completely left your site. Using subdomains keeps the names the same from the end user standpoint. Instead of the user having to go to a completely different link to access your store, blog, patient portal, etc. They can easily type in “blog.sitename.com” to find what they are looking for. Most common use of subdomains is typically accessing your email. Most times if you’re accessing an email via a browser you would go to mail.yoursitename.com A Subdomain can also be as long as you want it to be. Our support manager is a subdomain as well, support.plexamedia.com because it is easier for the user to find us rather than using a long URL that our support system would normally provide. If you have any questions about setting up a subdomain, we’re here to help!

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